Sunday, May 8, 2016

Substitute Teachers

Just shortly after school got out in the month of March, I had the privilege of attending some teacher training by a man from Australia and his wife who is Karen. It was a wonderful two weeks of learning how to better meet the needs of my students and help them to learn more easily. Even before the training started, my dad had mentioned that I should probably expect to share the things that I learned during the training. I kept that in mind as I took notes and listened carefully. 

Our group at the teacher training in March.

Pretty soon those two weeks were over and another month and a half had gone by. It was time to get our teachers together and get ready for a new school year. Now my time had come. I had a whole week to share what I had learned. As I began going over my notes, I was so thankful for every thing that I had written down and the audio I had recorded, but over and over again I wished that Thara Nathan (the teacher from Australia) could be there to teach it in person. My goal was to share with them what he had taught me, yet I knew that I could never give them as much as he had given me. 

Thara Nathan was a part of everything I taught. I could see or hear him in my mind as I shared. I often referred to him as I talked about things or had the class do an activity. As much as possible, I did the training just like he did. A couple of times I mentioned how much I hope he will be able to come and teach them in person next year. The only reason that I was able to do the teacher training was because of the time that I had spent learning from him. I was just a substitute teacher. 

This experience reminds me of our work as Christians. When we learn of Christ, our Father tells us that we should prepare to teach others what we have learned. Often when we keep this in mind, it motivates us to study more carefully. As we prepare to share, we will often feel incapable of teaching as well as Christ did, but if we keep Him in our thoughts and encourage others to learn directly from Him, Jesus will be there. We don’t have to wait for Him to come back from another country. He is simply waiting for us to invite Him. 

So what if we spent more time learning directly from Him? 

What if we realized that the only way to success is to follow His example? 

What if the people we are trying to reach learned directly from Him instead of just from us? 

Remember, we’re only substitute teachers. 

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