Saturday, September 5, 2015

That's My Jesus

The sky, the hills, the trees all take on a blue tint as the first rays of daylight begin to pierce the darkness. The stillness is too beautiful to disturb with words. I walk in silence and ponder. . . .

It doesn't matter if I slept peacefully from sunset to sunrise, if I was awake most of the night wondering when it would be over, or if the clouds are thick and endless, the light of morning always comes with no haste and with no delay. In all of the years of my life, never has there been a day when the sun came up later than it should have. And it certainly never has failed to come up. Even though I have been through a great variety of nights, I've never doubted that the sun would come up.

Yet somehow I dare to doubt the Creator of the very thing that I don't doubt. I dare to think that He can't make my "to do" list happen; I dare to think that what I can't figure out He can't solve either; I dare to think that when I don't have any strength left, that there is nothing He can do to help me.

But one thought of the past, and I realize how senseless my ways are. There is simply no reason to think that my Jesus would fail me now anymore than He has in the past. Not one time that I have given Him my broken little pieces has He failed to turn them into beauty. He has never failed to answer when I have called, never failed to let me see His beautiful face when I opened my eyes to see it. Never have His ways ended in anything less than the best.

And my thoughts break into a smile because . . .

That's my Jesus

Photo Credit: Mom

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  1. Hmm, so true... Our Father is just as faithful and consistent as the rising of the sun. Oh may we live to prove that fact by simply surrendering and trusting His heart. Miss you! Thanks for sharing!