Friday, May 8, 2015

Dream Land

There is a country that, to most of the world, seems like the land of all their dreams. There are beautiful houses, dozens of universities, breathtaking mountains, and plenty of other dazzling things to keep one constantly occupied. And though some of us who know the other side of that country may try to convince them that this country isn’t all dazzling, we often fail to make much of an impression of those who are caught up in a dream of a better land. 

A dear friend of mine who used to be my student and is like a sister to me was one of those who for various reasons wanted to immigrate to the U.S.A. Her brother had gone couple of years ahead of her, and she planned to live with him and go to college. 

Though I didn’t doubt that things weren’t all as wonderful as she had hoped, the first few phone calls that I had with her didn’t really reveal that. But as the time neared for us to visit her, she began to open up more. The prosperous lifestyle, the wonderful people, the outstanding education didn’t fall into her lap. Instead she was surrounded by people in much the same predicament as herself with little opportunity for a good job, not enough money to get a car, and just a very small understanding about how this culture works. Her coworkers and neighbors didn’t understand her lifestyle or treat her in very Christian ways at times. She was desperate to either go to a better place in the States or go back with us to Thailand. 

Even though she didn’t exactly say it, the land of her dreams wasn’t the same in reality as it was in her dreams. The land that she left behind now looked like a wonderful place in comparison to her current location. 

The good news is that God has a plan for her even in that “dream land.” He didn’t take over there for nothing, and I believe that she will gain many blessings as she allows Him to guide her. 

But I wonder . . . How often do we dream of living in a better place, of getting a better job, or a better group of friends not realizing that, more often than not, God has already given us the very best that we could have. Have we stopped to ask God what His dreams are for us? Have we stopped to enjoy what He has already given us?

Have we missed the beauty of our reality while seeking to live in our dreams?

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