Wednesday, April 8, 2015


When thousands of miles once again separate you from some of the dearest on earth to you?


When your friend has been nearly heartbroken and going through physical pain for over a week all because of a misunderstanding that you had no clue about? 


When your own heart breaks in realizing that you’ve failed in living the life that your Father’s children so desperately need to see? 


When a soul that you’ve cried for and plead with more times than you know still won’t accept the greatest Gift that you could offer them? 


But why rejoice?

Because in separation, in pain, in brokenness, in helplessness, we come to better know the heart of Love and to love Him in return because you cannot know Love without loving back.* And to be filled with Love is to be healed, made whole, made invincible, and bound with unbreakable cords to the Dearest of all. 

And why not rejoice when you have the privilege of being filled with joy?**

(*1 John 4:8, **Psalm 16:11)

(And lest I be misunderstood, I do not mean that we should rejoice that these things happen in this world but that it is our privilege to rejoice rather than giving them the opportunity to destroy our happiness forever as our enemy desires.)

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