Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Am Living = Will Give

The record of countless thousands who gave their lives for the name of our Redeemer stirs my heart to do the same -- to end my life in the depths of some dungeon or in the scorching heat of the desert. But there is a common thing often less spoken of that took place in the lives of those heroes before their noted act -- they lived their lives for Christ.

Though my human heart looks for another way, the first can’t happen without the second. The first seems more heroic and a thing to dream of for the future (for I certainly wouldn't take my own life),  but the second appeals less to my pride and is something that won't happen if I only dream of it. 

The fact simply can't be ignored -- what we don't choose to live, we will never be able to give. 

And the opposite is also true -- that which we do live, whether good or evil, we will also give. 

So what do you want to give? 

Or should I ask, what are you living? 

It starts today. 

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