Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nothing for Them Is Enough

The poor,
the sick,
the heathen,
the ignorant,
the heart-broken,
your family,
all the good things that could be done for humanity,
and all the demands that come with doing them . . .

Yes. They will always be there. Always. People will always say that you should be doing something about them. You will always feel like there is more than you can meet the needs of.

That's when it's time to give them nothing. I'm serious. Don't give them any of yourself. Rather pour it ought at the feet of Jesus. People will tell you it's a waste. That the needs are so great that you should give at least a bit of yourself to meet them.

But don't.

For as she gave her all to One, she gave the answer to every need in eternity.

And so may we.

(These thoughts were taken from Mark 14:1-9)

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