Friday, March 21, 2014

It's a Sacrifice

They say it's a sacrifice.

I hear it in prayers and conversations from rich and poor, friends and strangers.

Just last evening I heard it again, and I had to wonder why . . .

Is it because we get gifts of love instead of a paycheck each month?

Is it because our lives are so filled with beautiful people that we don't have time for ourselves?

Is it because we are so constantly being drained of all the spiritual life that we have that we are driven to ask for more and better with increasing frequency?

Is it because we are pushed to discover the thrill of doing something outside of our comfort zones and perceived capabilities instead of living in mundane normality?

Or is it because we are left to feel so helpless at times that we don't have to question that our God is real and alive and working on our behalf?

Is it because we get to see people's lives of filth and hopelessness changed into purity and overwhelming joy instead of our lawn being the only thing that we see improve all year?

Perhaps it is because we live a weight-loss lifestyle instead of having to go on special diets that cost them money instead of saving money.

Maybe it's because, while giving, we get the satisfaction of seeing thankfulness that cannot be spoken on the faces of those who have never had instead of hearing a mere "thank you" from those who have received a hundred times.

If that's what they call sacrifice, it's a wonderful exchange.

Yet it is a sacrifice. Our human natures don't easily give up what we've grown accustomed to having. I myself can still look back and remember the struggle of giving up my fears, my space, my things. I didn't come naturally.

But I'm thankful. . .

For the closer we come to having nothing, the closer we come to having All.

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  1. You echo my thoughts. . . Truly, it is no sacrifice; it's a blessing beyond imagination.