Sunday, November 17, 2013

Filled on Empty

Sometimes it's a chilly evening praying under a boundless sky of stars. Sometimes it's while walking home from a full morning of teaching. Sometimes it's as my feet walk the oh so familiar road as I my mind tries to process it all. The question comes again . . . 

Are they really happy?
When they look like they are so happy and satisfied with their way of living, are they really happy?
Is it possible that someone could actually be happy outside of a whole-heart commitment to Christ?

* * * * *
My heart almost pauses before the next beat. My stomach begins to tighten as I realize that someone that has greeted me with a smile nearly every other time I can remember is now upset at me for no apparent reason. His life would give most outsiders the impression that he's thoroughly enjoying life. He just bubbles over. But what I see now is not what he's making up, it's what he really is inside. . . .

Broken. Unsatisfied. Empty.

* * * * *
Two weeks pass. Not yet have I seen any sign to indicate that his void has been filled.

Then I ask how his father, who had recently been treated for some health issues, is doing. His faces lights up with joy that I've never before seen in those eyes. "He's so much better. Thank you so much."

The next moment he's gone. But I'm left with a lesson for ever. Joy is not found in being filled. Joy is found in filling -- other people's lives. It's not in filling the empty pockets in our hearts, but in emptying the filled pockets.

What are you running on?

Empty or full?