Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Walking in Darkness

A couple of weeks ago I experienced something that I hope none of you will ever have to go through. In some cases this experience is unavoidable but at times is considered something you just have to deal with. Before you make too many guesses, I'll tell you what happened.

It was past bed time and all the lights were out when I came in from the front porch. As I silently made my way to the bedroom, I decided to leave my flashlight off to avoid disturbing those that were sleeping. I had walked the house enough in the light to go without the aid of my flashlight in the darkness.

Just a few feet from the bedroom door, I paused to do something. But as I stepped away I heard a "crunch." I didn't have to wonder for more than two seconds what I had stepped on. I had felt that kind of pain before. What was it? A scorpion.

The little creature was not more than two inches long, but the pain that he inflicted was enough to keep me in intense pain for almost two hours even though I did take pain medication right away. And it was over twenty-four hours before all the effects were gone. It was an experience not soon to be forgotten and caused me to be much more faithful about using my flashlight.

As I thought about it more over the next few days, the parallel was clear. It wasn't the illiterate heathen that I compared myself to, but rather the light-swamped, self-confident "Christians." The only reason I had to experience such pain was because I had chosen to walk in darkness and not watch my feet.

God has provided infinite supplies of light to guide us on our journey. Yet sometimes we have walked so much in the light that we think we're okay walking in darkness "just for a little bit." After all, it's more disturbing to the "sleeping" people around us if we let the light shine.

That one step in darkness caused me trouble for only a day. But think of what the results could be if I choose to walk in spiritual darkness. Is it ever okay?

What are you walking in?

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  1. Ouch! I got a similar scorpion sting as well in Thailand. Taught me to be extra careful about where I put my hands & feet. Good thoughts!