Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Link to Heaven

You pass them by each day. With nice clothes and fashionable hair styles, you may think that all is well. But what do they look like inside? Nice words and a beautiful smile might be what you know, but what are they really like?

We don't have to look hard or long to see the retched condition that so many people are living in. Their hearts are aching. Their lives are empty. Their souls are crying out for something--something better, something real.

Think of what you have been through--they have probably been through that three times worse. Think of the people that you know are hurting--there are millions more.

Can you think about that and do nothing? Nothing??

What do you have? If you've heard the truth, share it. If you know happiness, share it. If you have love, share it.

We can't be a substitute for Christ in their lives, but we may be the only "Jesus" that they ever see.

You -- I -- may be their only link to heaven.

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