Friday, August 31, 2012


Face to the wind, and journal in hand, my heart sobs. . .

I've seen love personified.
I saw it today . . .

. . . and my heart is breaking.

How can my heart be so hard in the when in the presence of the One who is love? Yet I just couldn't see it until I saw it in those fellow human beings.

And if a human can love this weak, faltering soldier like that . . .
. . . how much He must love.

It's only the beginning. I've only seen a glimpse.


Break my heart in sorrow
By another's pain.
Let your love be flowing
Through each nerve and vain.
In the battle raging,
Let my death be gain.
May souls see Christ loving
While my life remains.


  1. Wow, Thank you so much Hannah! Truly, we love because HE first loved us.

  2. Oh, Hannah… Indeed, through brokenness is beauty. I want Him to break my heart too…