Saturday, June 30, 2012

In spite of . . .

I emptied my bag of school books . . .
I stood in front of those classrooms full of students . . .
I'm copying exams . . .

. . . for the last time.

The school year is over--except for final exams and graduation. Next school year won't be the same. We've all changed.

And it's nothing short of a miracle. This helpless,  sinful instrument was only useful because of the hands of an Almighty God.

I've seen minds expand and comprehend things they once thought were too much to understand . . .

. . .  in spite of me.

I've seen hearts become softened and convicted . . .

. . . in spite of the fearful things that are constantly staring them in the face.

I've seen faces begin to shine with joy that cannot be gained from this world . . .

. . .  in spite of the Devil taking the lives of their family members.


And though this victory is not as great as others, I also saw the school photo shoot completed . . .

. . . in spite of the rain.

All 200 +/- students (except a few sick ones)

The Girls
The Boys
The Teachers
KGC (Kindergarten C) and Tharamu Lahtee 

KGB and Tharamu Pehsu
KGA and Tharamu Saytoo
Grade 1 and Tharamu Hazel
Grade 2 and Tharamu Behpaw
Grade 3 and Thara Chagoogoo
Grade 4 and Thara Dahboo
Grade 5 and Thara Ehgenyaw
Grade 6 and Tharamu Wahnaypaw
Grade 7 and Thara Timothy
Grade 8 and Tharamu Ida
Gardening Class and Thara Ehgenyaw
Sewing Class and Tharamu Hazel
Weaving Class and Tharamu Nawghaw
Medical Class and Tharamu Sharon (assistant teacher)

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  1. Ah yes. I was thinking about that yesterday. How that God utilizes us--little, weak, struggling us... to change other people's lives for the better... while changing us in the process. Truly a miracle... a miracle of grace.

    Thank for sharing the pictures. Precious faces! :)