Monday, May 14, 2012

"In a Relationship"

I cannot look around me without seeing the beautiful things he has made—just for me. Before the day I was born, He loved me and longed to be everything to me. He sent His Son to die—for me. He sought me. He provided for me. He spoke the most loving words that could ever be spoken—and he lived them, too. 

I refused. I felt the need in my heart for Him, yet I thought it could be met by something else. I cried and tried, and asked why he hadn't given me what I wanted. All the while, he was there with His heart aching for me to love Him—oh, not because He needs it, but because I need it. 

I became so accustomed to searching for love in other people, that I didn't know how to love Him. Soon however, I realized that it is just the same as any other relationship. Spend time getting to know Him, and you cannot stop the love from growing. Once my heart learns to love Him, nothing keeps me back from doing whatever he asks. My love naturally deepens for the people around me—because He loves them. 

And when He gives my heart to the one He chooses, I will hold no regrets.

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