Sunday, March 4, 2012

Labor on. . .

It's her home, her protection, the source of her food--the fruit of her labors. It is torn down and sometimes purposely taken away. Yet she does not give up in despair and seek out another work, but labors on in the work God has given her--humble though it is and even despised by some.

Though she cannot see and will never know, it is some of those most difficult times--when all her work vanishes--that something glorious and more beautiful is being made. That is a work she cannot do. She must leave it to another who is greater than herself. She may never receive a reward, but the toil of her years will live on--not in peasants homes--but in the palaces of kings.

And so it is for the worker of God. Only in doing His will for us can we be at home, protected, and fed. Sometimes to all appearances it seems as if all our work had come to naught. But it is then, yes then, that God is making something beautiful--more glorious than we can see with our weak human eyes. 

"The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces."  -- Proverbs 30:28

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