Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Previous post completed, I retreat to my noontime spot.

My heart is full. . .

I serve a God of miracles.

It's not the first time that He has made one of my greatest dreams a reality.

I'm in the middle of pouring out my thanks to God when a thought hits me. . .

God has dreams too.

It's not just me, a weak human being, that is dependent on another for my dreams to be fulfilled--my pitiful, limited, unintelligent dreams.

In contrast to mine, God's dreams are beautiful, perfect, higher than this world.  Yet He, the God of the universe, is dependent on me--yes, this helpless human being--to fulfill His dream.

He chose to fulfill my dream.

Will His dream be fulfilled??

It's my choice. It's your choice. 

Father, I'm ready. . . ready to lay aside my shortsighted dreams for your dreams--your infinitely higher, more beautiful dreams. 

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