Tuesday, December 13, 2011

. . .In His Time

I'm sitting in a chair (a rare thing) in the shade on a beautiful spring-like day (yes, I know it's December). The temperature is perfect and I am in a quiet to place where I can study, work on plans for next term, and catch up on emails. But that isn't all. I have on my lap something that was my dream of many years. It's not the exact model that I prayed for, but nonetheless what I wanted. I now look back on the times when I nearly cried because I wanted to have it "now." However, I knew that without a miracle I would never own one.

What I didn't understand was the miracle that must first happen in me. You see, I was not content with what I had. I wanted to do something for God and thought that possessing this thing was necessary to carrying out the plan--my plan. That was problem one--I was deciding what God needed me to do and what I needed to do it. Secondly, I wasn't happy with what He had given me.

Being in that condition, I would have been very unhappy had I received what I asked for when I asked for it. The first reason being that I still would not have been able to carry out the "plan," and secondly I would have been greatly discouraged when I realized that it wasn't just all so wonderful when I still had a learning curve to go through.

But today I can say that two miracles have happened--I no longer think that there is anything I need to do that God hasn't given me what I need to do it; and not only do I now posses what I asked for, it was given to me. Am I happy? Yes. Has it all been rosy? No. But every moment has been so special as I realize more fully the deep, deep love of my Father.

In His time, in His time
He makes all things beautiful
In His time.

Lord, please show me every day
As You’re teaching me Your way
That You do just what You say
In Your time.

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