Saturday, December 24, 2011


I've been thinking. . .

. . . about gifts.

Not just any gifts. Gifts from God.

If I were to count them they would be more in number than the stars.

However there is one that comes to my mind over and over again. . .


At times I have dreaded it; other times I have anticipated it with great joy. Some changes have brought pain, frustration, anxiety. Often it was those changes that were the hardest at the start that turned into the most beautiful things God has ever given me.

Without question I can see how God has led in each change in my life. But there is one that still leaves me speechless. . .

When God reaches down and changes my heart.

It didn't use to seem like such a big deal to me. Then I began to realize that it's not just so simple as pushing a button. While He is giving me a gift of inestimable worth, I give Him in return something that is, to me, worse than worthless--I given Him a sinful, broken heart.

Yet He takes it--with joy.

That's the kind of love that simply leaves me with nothing else to say. . .

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