Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brought Low

How many times I have been made to feel my inadequacy; how many times I have nearly sunken in despair at the insurmountable task before me.

Where I once dreaded those times with all the dread in my heart, I now covet them. They are worth more than gold to me.

For it is then that, with nothing to hold onto, self loses it grip. . .
. . .with nothing to boast of, pride withers away. . .

And it is then, and only then that I have learned what it means to have help from the Lord. . .

. . .to feel the mighty arm of God lift me from the lowest of points of human weakness to heights of joy and peace never know to me before. . . .

Psalms 116:6 - The LORD preserveth the simple: 
I was brought low, and he helped me.

1 comment:

  1. I can relate exactly. How many times recently has God been teaching me this very lesson… Thanks for the reminder, Hannah!

    And I love the picture! God's creativity, variety and design is amazing! :)