Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Safe on the Other Shore

What did we do when we arrived in Bangkok? Checked for WiFi. :)

There was a slight delay with our plane landing in Seoul which made for a little bit of stress getting through security to board our flight to Bangkok. We did make it in time though, and the flight from Seoul to Bangkok was relatively smooth.

We are all tired. It's been over thirty hours since we were in a bed. However, we have all managed to get some sleep along the way. We thank God for His protection and guidance thus far, even in the smaller matters. It can be challenging to process things properly when in such a fatigued condition. If it wasn't for a loving heavenly Father leading us every step of the way, who knows where we would be.

Now since you are probably wondering how things went with all of our luggage at the Bangkok airport, I shall tell you. First of all, four of our twelve check-in's were delayed but should be ready to pick up tomorrow. PTL! Secondly, we walked through customs without one bag being opened. PTL again! Oh, I just have to tell you that it was absolutely wonderful to walk again after 18 hours of flying and very little walking in between. :) :)

The icing on the cake was seeing Mike and Marilee Kier in the airport after we got through customs.
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of your prayers and support in every imaginable way.

In Christ,
Hannah Steck

P.S. We are on our way (at 12:46 am, July 28, local time, or 10:46 am, July 27, PDT) to the Kiers' home and hope to get some sleep shortly after we get there. That is, if sleep will come. . . :)

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