Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Above the Clouds

Wing and clouds

Flying over Korea.
After eight hours of flying we are finally within two hours of Seoul, Korea. Our current elevation is 40,000 feet and our speed is around 525 mph. Yes, a ten-hour flight is rather tiring for legs that are used to being exercised regularly, but most of us have managed to keep ourselves occupied with one thing or another. We experienced turbulence for quite some time near the International Date Line, and are currently being told to buckle up for some more. My computer rocks from side to side as I type. :)

Lord willing, we will arrive in Seoul in just two hours and board our next flight, which is a 5 ½ hour flight, less than one hour later. Next will be the fun of claiming all twelve of our pieces of checked luggage and going through customs in Bangkok--which we are praying will go smoothly. After that we should meet up with the Kiers and proceed to their house for some much-needed rest. . .

P.S. We arrived safely in Seoul.

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