Friday, November 19, 2010


For those of you who didn't know already. . .

While I was at Young Disciple Youth Bible Camp in July, I felt the Lord calling me to go on the next YD Mission Experience despite the fact that previously I had not wanted to go. My experience while serving as a counselor at YD Camp had be life changing, and my desire to serve the Lord in every way that He calls me to began to grow.

So, after returning home, I sent in my application to be a part of the 2011 YD Mission Experience. My first choice was to be on the Adult Evangelism Team. Later I found out that I was assigned to be on the Health Evangelism/Bible Work Team. Just what I didn't want! But as time has passed I now see the Lord's leading in that decision as I have recently felt the Lord calling me to work for Him in that line of service.

A big part of preparing for the trip was fund raising! It was awesome to see the Lord pouring out showers of blessings. For me it was just another indication that this is the Lord's will.

I am greatly looking forward to the trip as I continue to prepare. The Lord greatly blessed in helping me to get the things that I need to take. He even took me to the right store at the right time to get the exact pair of shoes that I wanted which were on clearance (there were only a couple of sizes left). I am also very thankful that I now have my visa after some delays. PTL!

Please keep me and the rest of the team in your prayers. We will be flying out of Seattle on Jan. 3 and returning on Feb. 3.

So that's is the latest on that! God bless!!

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  1. Hope you gain a great blessing there and I'll miss you very much!!