Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nearer, Still Nearer. . .

     The disciples had just spent a very eventful night on the sea and now they were finally stepping foot on land when they saw them - two demoniacs, hardly worthy of being called men. At the sight of them the disciples fled, but the One who had come to save just such people remained. As the demoniacs rushed toward Him, Jesus raised His hand, and they advanced no further. Then, at Jesus command, the demons left the men and entered into a herd of swine. Now these men were no longer hopeless spectacles of humanity, but sane men.
      Upon hearing of the loss of the swine, the people entreated Jesus to leave. And as He left, the two men whom He had just freed from their bondage now asked that they might go with Him. It was not Jesus' purpose that they should continue in His immediate presence, but that they should be His witnesses in their own country.


     These men had spent but a few moments with Jesus and now they were commissioned to share what they had learned. And they did their work faithfully. Their labors were not without fruit either. Oh, and what a reward will be theirs! For when Jesus returned, He not only shared words of life with those in that city, but thousands heard the message of salvation.  

     And there is a blessing promised for us too, if we will only do our part. . .

"It is in working to spread the good news of salvation that we are brought near to the Saviour."
  (Desire of Ages, pg. 339)

Then dear Heavenly Father, help me to share your love with others so that I can walk nearer, still nearer to thee. 

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